Infrastructure & Team
Laminar Air Flow, Hot Air oven, Incubator, Autoclave, Binocular Research Microscopes, Orbital Shaker, Water Bath Colony Counter, Hot Air Oven , Portable balance, pH meter Double distillation unit and Micro centrifuge
Biochemistry & Chemistry
HPLC, Microprocessor UV- VIS Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis, Colorimeter, pH meter, Heating mantle, vortex mixture, magnetic stirrer, Portable Balance (0.001mg) Micro centrifuge, Chromatographic accessories like Paper, TLC, Affinity, Ion-exchange, gel filtration and Column chromatography.
Biotechnology & Molecular biology
ABI, 96 well Verti PCR, Gel Documentation, AGE electrophoresis, Ultra Cooling Centrifuge, Deep freezer (-20oC), Dry bath, Water bath, Portable balance, Gelrocker, Micro oven, All range of Micropipettes
Food analysis
HPLC, Chromatographic accessories like Paper, TLC, Affinity, Ion-exchange, gel filtration and Column chromatography Soxhlet apparatus, Kjedahl digestion, distillation apparatus, Muffle furnace, Hot air oven and pH meter.
Animal Cell culture
CO2 incubator, Blotting apparatus, Inverted Microscope, Cytotoxicity assay tools.
Salient Features
  • Individual attention / Hands on training
  • Industrial collaborations
  • State –of – art laboratory
  • Well experienced faculty
  • Paper presentation in conferences/ seminars
  • Paper publications
  • NCBI gene submission
  • Convenient time opportunities for working candidates & Research scholars
  • Limited seats in each batch for better focusing with affordable cost
  • Hostel facility
  • About Director
    The director, a renowned Microbial biotechnologist has been working with dedication since 1994 for the development of students and research scholars by latest technologies in Life sciences. He has been elected as “Fellow of Society of Applied Biotechnology” , India” for his excellent contribution to the Microbial Biotechnology. He has been honoured with the Best Citizen of India in 2009. He has been awarded the Best Teacher award. He has completed his 21 years of teaching and research experience. Published more than 50 research papers in International Journals. Presented 450 abstracts. His citation index is 450 with RG score of 12.0 . Submitted 15 gene sequence to NCBI . He is a visiting scientist in various industries for the R&D. He produced and guiding several Ph.D & M.Phil scholars. He is a Life member in “Association of Microbiologists of India” “The Academy of Environmental Biology”; “The Mushroom society of India”(International Journal ) “Journal of Environmental Biology” (An International Research journal of Environmental Sciences and Toxicology). Annual member in the “International Society of Biology” and Member Indian Science Congress , Calcutta. He started , Coimbatore’s first of its kind integrated Biotech & Nanotech research lab, started in the year 2010 , offering a research and training solutions to the students, research scholars and industries, in the area of Microbial Biotechnology, Enzyme technology, Bioremediation, Recombinant DNA technology and Bionanotechnology , food microbiology , Phyto chemistry , Bioactive compounds , molecular pathogenesis Food quality control with state of art laboratory facilities on par with RD centers.
    CBNR faculty are well trained in the field of Molecular Biology, Nanotechnology and all the Microbiological & Biotechnology experiments. Our faculty is not only academically and professionally amongst the best, but also has high standards of moral and ethical values in their approach. In addition to permanent research associates, leading professionals from the industries, subject experts from various colleges & universities interact regularly with the students & research scholars. We have separate academic & research committee to guide all our research activities
    Mr. V. Subramanian
    SynKroMaX Biotech Private Limited
    M.S. Nagar, Chennai – 600 116, India
    Scientific Advisors
    Professor of Microbiology
    Dept. of Plant Life Science AMBO College of Agriculture,
    Jimma University Ambo, Post Box – 19
    Western Sheio, Ethiopia, East Africa
    Prof. Dr.R.Ragunathan
    Visiting Scientist
    SynKroMaX Biotech Private limited
    Porur, Chennai – 116.
    Dr. B S Vijayakumar
    Associate Professor,
    Department of Biosciences
    Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning,
    Vidyagiri, Andrapradesh
    Prasanthi Nilayam - 515 134, India
    CBNR Staffs
    Prof. Dr. R. Ragunathan., M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., FSAB
    Director and Research supervisor
    21 year (Teaching & Research)
    No of PG students guided
    224 : B.Tech/M.Tech : 32
    Ph.D Produced
    Journals: 71: Conferences/ seminars/Symposia – 452
    Best paper awards
    Project completed
    01, ongoing : 01
    Citation index
    538, H index 12; I10 index 10
    NCBI Gene submission
    Guest lectures delivered
    Resource Person
    Guest of honor
    MoU signed
    Seminars/symposia/FDP /workshop conducted
    Abroad visit
    Awards and Honors
    University First rank in M.Sc ; FSAB , Best citizen of India award ;  Best professor award ; Who is who in Health care Medicine (USA) etc..
    Worked as Dean of science; Principal ; Scientist ; Senate Member of Bharathiar University (3terms) ; Board of studies in Microbiology and Biotechnology of Bharathiar University.

    At present Board of study member in Microbiology Bharathidasan University, SRM University, Visiting Scientist SynkroMaX Biotech Chennai, Board of Study member in Biotechnology and Biochemistry , Doctoral committee member Dept. of Microbiology Karpagam University etc..

    Jesteena Johney M.Sc, HACCP, (Ph.D)
    Joint Director
    3.3 years (Teaching & Research)
    No of students guided
    B. Sc ; 215; M. Sc; 72; B. Tech and M. Tech ;15
    Journals: 12: Conferences/ seminars/Symposia –  35
    Best paper awards
    Seminar attended
    NCBI Gene Submission
    Seminars/symposia/FDP /workshop conducted
    06 (Co-ordinator)
    Abroad visit
    Awards and Honors
    Received certificate of appreciation for initiatives in research findings to the students and  communities
    Member  Board of studies in food and Nutrition (Dr.NGP Arts and Science College)

    Mr. K. Kabesh M. Sc, (M.Phil)
    2 years (Teaching and Research)
    No of students guided
    B.Sc ; 55; M. Sc; 21; B.Tech ;8
    Journals:  5: Conferences/ seminars/Symposia – 15
    Seminar attended
    Paper presented

    Mr. R. Kathiravan M. Sc.
    Job profile
    Pure culture maintenance, food quality assessments
    Seminar attended